By Hannah Krieger
From Camodad

You can’t argue with the Toots.

I was trying to show this to somebody and I couldn’t find it, but now it’s back.

Honestly this is one of my favourite comics of all time. Every time I see it it makes my week. 

This came on my shuffle and reminded me of how much I love to imagine Theon Greyjoy singing this song with only a few alterations. Maybe one day I’ll edit myself a little amv.

Does anyone know the most effective way to get in touch with D&D, or as close to them as possible? They don’t have twitter, the cowards. I’m going to write a fuck-tonne of angry letters.

Actually no but for real if we don’t get an apology out of D&D … I guess I’ll continue doing exactly what I do already, which is complain about them every opportunity I get to anyone who’ll listen.

yeah. this is literally the only fucking thing i have to say about that fucking episode. 

yeah. this is literally the only fucking thing i have to say about that fucking episode. 

gloriousoyaji and hornyboner … I finished TTGL today. I need you to explain the ending to me. Especially the bit where Boota turned into a human.

I’m not that fussed though because Viral and Leeron survived, so… that was good xD

Speaking of post-bath Casper, here’s one from the vaults — this is what he does when he preens sometimes, he hooks his wings over a perch and flaps about like the little weirdo he is.

It really freaked me out the first time I saw him do it, I thought he was stuck / having a fit.

I know you didn’t ask for a video of post-bath Casper eating his fruit and veggies but here’s one anyway.

Anime is more progressive than HBO.

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"Have you fantasized about killing me?"


"How would you do it?"

Don’t try and tell me this song didn’t play at that moment because, well, I won’t believe you.